Oram Embedded Technology     Real-Time and Embedded Systems Software Development

The links on this page describe some of the projects that I have been involved with over the years, and gives an idea of the sort of work Oram Embedded Technology can help with.

  • Automatic Inspection System for perspex sheets
  • Scout II I/O Board for security monitoring
  • FT access control and security monitoring system.
    Cardax FT Controller
    Cardax FT Card Reader with Intercom
    Cardax FT Digital Camera
    Cardax FT Field Units
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for an embedded system
  • Dial-up PPP for an embedded system
  • SHDSL Line Card
  • iDSL Modem
  • SHDSL Modem
  • ADSL Line Card
  • Battery monitoring system
  • Battery monitoring module
  • GPRS logger interface
  • Communications interface for telemetered loggers
  • SMS alarm sending for monitoring
  • Telemetered logger for flow meters, rain gauges and soil moisture logging
  • Frost Alarm with SMS reporting and configuration
  • Hardware and software design for a range of Zigbee wireless sensors
  • CAN bus pressure sensor
  • CAN bus rotary position sensor
  • Porting a fertiliser spreading system from Puppy Linux to Debian Linux
  • Production test software for electronic devices (C#)

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