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    Charles Oram

Charles has an Honours degree in Electrical Engineering and has spent the last 28 years working with computers, software and electronics. He worked for companies such as Cardax (International) Ltd. (Formerly PEC (NZ) Ltd.), Ericsson and PowerShield, as a Software Engineer, Project Manager and Systems Architect.
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"I have known Charles Oram and worked with him over the last four years. He has played a key part in a new technology product which we are launching which has a certain amount of complexity about it.
Charles has been an excellent member of the team and I have been impressed by his thoroughness and attention to detail in designing and implementing the network components with only a brief description of what is required. He has always come up with the goods and they have worked virtually faultlessly from word go.
Charles is a classic electronics engineer straight out of the mould and the textbook and also easy to work with. I hope to continue our working relationship over the near future as our product gets into the market place.
I have no hesitation in recommending his services."

John Williams, Director, QVisual

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