Oram Embedded Technology     Real-Time and Embedded Systems Software Development

Oram Embedded Technology specialises in the following areas :

  • Embedded Systems Software Design and Development

  • With experience in a wide range of microprocessors (from 8 to 32 bit) and programming experience in Assembler, C or C++, I can help solve your problems with existing embedded systems, or help you get that new product to market sooner.

  • Real-time Systems Software Design and Development

  • It is becoming more and more common for embedded systems to have to interface with personal computers. Here my experience in networking, communications protocols and device drivers will help you get your embedded product working efficiently with the head-end or user interface. I have experience in PC software development both at a low level (e.g. device drivers, TCP/IP sockets programming) and higher level (Delphi, Visual Basic, C++ and COM using MFC or ATL for graphical user interfaces).

  • Communications Protocols

  • I have been involved in design and implementation of communications systems using standard or custom protocols (including RS-485, RS232, CAN, SAE J1939, Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP/IP), with a good understanding of communications protocols from the physical to the applications layer.

  • Distributed Systems Architecture

  • With many embedded systems often being one small part of a large distributed system the design of the overall system, including how the components connect together, communicate together and store or share data, is becoming more important. I know what works and what doesn't, because I've already worked with and designed distributed real-time systems.

  • Project Management and Product Development

  • I have considerable experience in product development and project management, and can work with you right from a simple design idea through to the finished product, managing the product development process along the way. Typically this would involve Oram Embedded Technology doing the overall systems design, project management and software development, with electronic design and enclosure design (if needed) contracted out.

  • Consulting

  • Many companies are finding it more and more difficult to recruit experienced software engineers, especially in areas like embedded systems and real-time systems. If you are in this situation a good strategy is to employ the best graduates you can get and train them up . This is where Oram Embedded Technology can help - you may not have experienced software engineers to train the junior engineers, or you may not be able to spare them form your important projects - I can work with you to train and mentor your junior engineers.

  • Microcontroller Development Boards

  • Oram Embedded Technology can now offer a range of high quality development boards and development tools at competitive prices. The range includes header boards, prototype boards and debuggers for ARM (NXP LPC2xxx, Texas Instruments TMS470, OKI ML67Q5003, ST STR71x, Analog Devices ADuC7xxx, Cirrus EP93xx, Atmel AT91SAM7), Atmel AVR, Texas Instruments MSP430 and Microchip PIC.

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