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Cardax FT System

Cardax FT is an integrated access control and security monitoring system that provides state -of-the-art control and monitoring of building security for any size building.

The systems consists of the following components -

  • A PC based head-end that runs the Cardax Command Centre FT software. The Command Centre FT software allows configuration and monitoring of the entire system.
  • Cardax FT Controllers. These controllers use TCP/IP to communicate with the head-end PC. They are responsible for monitoring and controlling a group of doors (up to 8) or alarm points. The Cardax FT Controller can run stand-alone in the event of TCP/IP communications failure, and stores all the configuration information (including cardholder access details) necessary to operate without the head-end PC.
  • Cardax FT Field Units. These devices communicate with the Cardax FT controller over RS-485. A range of units is available, including various types of card reader (including a card reader with keypad, LCD and integrated digital intercom), input/output boards and a digital camera.

My initial responsibility for this project was as project manager and chief architect, but I have worked on all parts of the system, including -

  • An ActiveX component for viewing images from the Cardax FT digital camera. This was developed in C++ using ATL. The viewer communicates directly with the Cardax FT controller using UDP.
  • Design of the communications protocol between the Cardax FT Controller and PC (running over TCP/IP).
  • Design of the communications protocol between the Cardax FT Controller and the Field Units, over RS-485.
  • Design and systems design of the encryption schemes used for both of the above protocols.
  • Implementing SSL on the Cardax FT Controller.
  • Implementing serial port drivers and PPP on the Cardax FT Controller.
  • Design and coding of the integrated digital intercom for the Cardax ProxPlus reader.
  • Code download for the Cardax FT digital camera (the camera allows new versions of communications processor and DSP code to be downloaded and stored in Flash memory).

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