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Cardax FT Card Reader with Intercom

The Cardax FT ProxPlus is a proximity card reader that can be used with the Cardax FT system. The reader reads Cardax TIRIS proximity cards and reports the card reads back to the Cardax FT Controller, which then makes access decisions.

The reader incorporates a dot-matrix LCD display that allows graphics and text prompts to be displayed. The reader supports downloadable character sets and can display foreign languages, such as Chinese.

A digital intercom is integrated with the card reader. The intercom is controlled by the system operator (at the head-end PC) and a user can call the operator from the reader. The reader digitizes the audio signals and transmits them to the head-end PC, via the Cardax FT controller.

I have worked on both the digital intercom software and RS-485 communications software for this device, as well as designing the character downloading scheme for the LCD.

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